Pretty Link 2.0 is Here!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re proud to announce that Pretty Link Pro 2.0 is now here!

We have completely refactored the code base to ensure that the plugin will be easier to both maintain and extend as WordPress continues to evolve.

Along the way we’ve completed a major cleanup to the interface, improved performance of the plugin/links, added a bunch of new (awesome) features, and fixed countless bugs. We’re so thrilled about the changes, and we hope you will be too!

So what’s new?

Great question! With literally thousands of lines of code moved, deleted and/or optimized — there’s literally too many changes to list here. So we’ll cut to the chase and highlight the one’s you’re gonna want to know about.



Starting with what likely is the best new feature of 2.0 — you can now click the star button when editing a post or page on your website to reveal this Insert Pretty Link pop-up dialogue. Here you can create a brand-new pretty link or search for an existing one. With a few simple clicks, your Pretty Link will be embedded in your content. Finally no more switching between windows and copying/pasting just to insert a link into the content!



Create links like! This allows you to add a default base slug that should be used for all newly created Pretty Links, it does not affect existing links. We recommend using something short like “go” or “out” to help keep your links short (and pretty). This new feature has a lot of potential uses such as omitting your pretty links from caching plugins/hosts to ensure that tracking and reporting isn’t affected. It can also be used to limit search engines from indexing your links by adding short lines to your robots.txt files.



You can now automatically create Pretty Links for and display the social sharing buttons on selected Custom Post Types just like you could before with Posts and Pages.



This is part of our Keyword replacements. With the FTC getting more serious about cracking down on proper affiliate link disclosures we thought it might be cool to add a feature where your Pretty Link’d Keywords are automatically disclosed for you. When enabled it will show a small text next to your replaced Keyword links so the user will know that link is an affiliate link. Further, you can even show a link to your full affiliate link disclosure statement at the top and/or bottom of each post on your site.



You can define an unlimited number of geo-based redirects. This means you can send users to different target URL’s based on their location. We’re excited to see the various ways you all come up with to use this new feature!



You can now also choose to redirect to different target URL’s based on the user’s device info. Such as their device type, Operating System, and even their browser!



Redirect to different target URL’s based on the current date and time. You can now set time intervals and specify which target URL the user will be redirected to based on the current date and time. Set as many time periods as you want!



We had a lot of requests for this, and it’s finally here. We hope you use it and appreciate it. Your Pretty Links can now be set to expire after a certain time, or after a certain number of unique clicks. Maybe you want to run a promotion for only the first X people who subscribe, or for folks who subscribe before a certain time get a free T-shirt etc. Best of all, after the link expires, you have the option to redirect them somewhere else instead.



You’re no longer limited to just five rotation URL’s. Now you can add up to 20 rotating URL’s per Pretty Link.



The social sharing buttons have been completely replaced with some new modern-looking sharing buttons.



Pretty Link already supported QR codes, but we’ve increased the generated size of the codes so you can use them in your print media and campaigns.



In addition to some serious performance improvements with the Automatic URL Replacement feature, we’ve also added a domain blacklist feature as well. This means you can now omit certain domains from ever being automatically replaced. Perhaps you only want to automatically replace external (outgoing) links with pretty links, and leave your internal links alone. Now that is possible with this new domain blacklist feature.



Many of you have been very successful, and with that success comes more traffic. We now have an option which will automatically trim (permanently delete) clicks which are older than 90 days. This will keep the clicks database table fresh and prevent it from becoming so bloated that it affects site performance and other queries etc. These hits are lost forever once deleted, though we highly recommend using this new feature, please be aware that once they’re deleted – they’re gone forever unless you have some kind of incremental database backup solution in place.



You can now define custom scripts which should be used in the HTML <head> section on every supported redirect type. You can also define scripts which should only be used on individual links as well. This could be useful for tracking scripts like Facebook retargeting, analytics etc. This feature works on all redirect types except for server side (30x) redirect types.



  • Cleaner, more modern interface
  • Serious performance improvements and options
  • We’ve extended some of the data that can be imported/exported – with more to come in a future release
  • Complete refactor of the core code
  • New license key system (no more entering your username/password to activate the plugin)
  • Lite and Pro options have been merged into one page
  • Tools have been better separated out into their own page
  • Hundreds of other small changes and bug fixes too numerous to list
  • Auto twitter posting has been removed, better auto-social posting options are available such as Buffer and Hootsuite
  • Tweet badge has been removed

Pretty Link Pro 1.6.7

This release contains a handful of minor security fixes. All users are encouraged to update when possible.

Pretty Link Pro 1.6.5

This release contains a handful of critical Twitter fixes for Pro users. All Pro users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as they can.

* Fixed bug with some reports not showing
* Fixed twitter auto-posting issue
* Fixed scheduled posts not auto tweeting
* Upgraded code to work with PHP 5.4+
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Pretty Link Pro 1.6.2

This release provides several small fixes and one major fix for Pro users and so everyone should update as soon as possible:

* Small Fixes
* Fixed an issue in Pro with automatic link creation for posts

Pretty Link Pro 1.6.1

This release provides several important updates including some security fixes so all users of both Pretty Link Lite & Pro should upgrade:

* Security Fixes
* Fixed some issues with Pretty Link running in WordPress Multisite
* Altered the way Keyword Replacements can be disabled on individual pages in Pro
* Fixed an issue with import feature in Pro
* Fixed an issue causing “ghost” update messages in Pro
* Updated browscap file for more accurate click tracking
* Fixed an issue that interfered with Pretty Link’s option saving for some users

Pretty Link Pro 1.6.0

This release fixes a few potential security vulnerabilities …

Pretty Link Pro Release 1.5.9

We’ve fixed a few issues that users reported to us from release 1.5.8 and have added some link management features that have been requested by our users:

Feature Added Bulk Actions for Pretty Link Management page
Feature Added the ability to change the number of rows displayed in the Pretty Link Management page (no longer limited to 10)
Feature Added 1-click copy for pretty links in the Pretty Link management page and bookmarklet
Feature Added the ability to click on the referrer links in the pretty link hits table
Fix Fixed the permission issue when clicking on some links in the pretty link admin interface
Fix Fixed the timestamp issue in hits that some people were experiencing

Pretty Link Pro 1.5.8

This is a major new release that fixes numerous bugs and adds several new features for Lite and Pro users. Everyone should upgrade …

Feature Re-factored the add/edit link screen to be more intuitive and accurate
Feature Added the ability to add a new group from the Add / Edit Link screen
Fix Using uniqid() to generate visitor id for normal & extended tracking now in order to increase performance and avoid issues with mt_rand and pow
Fix Replaced all code dependent on curl to now use the more versatile WP_Http
Fix Altered the hits list for normal & extended tracking to use GMT time
Fix Fixed some issues with Parameter Forwarding
Fix Fixed the conflict with W3 Total Cache Object Caching that was causing pretty link options to not be saved when it was enabled
Pro Feature Added Double Redirection for any pretty link
Pro Feature Added Google Analytics support for any pretty link by integrating with the Google Analyticator, Google Analytics for WordPress and Google Analytics Plugin
Pro Feature Added Delayed Redirection for any pretty links using Javascript and Meta-Refresh Redirection
Pro Feature Added the ability to automatically create and download QR Codes pretty links
Pro Feature Added the ability to change the minimum user admin role that can access Pretty Link
Pro Fix Made some major performance enhancements to Keyword and URL Replacements
Pro Fix Fixed an issue adding Twitter accounts for some users running wordpress within a subdomain
Pro Fix Fixed an issue with select all links

Pretty Link Pro 1.5.6

This is a security release of Pretty Link Pro:

  • Fixed a cross-site scripting vulnerability that could have affected a very small number of users

Pretty Link Pro 1.5.5

This release added some new functionality that could be important for many users. Also fixed some minor issues affecting some users.

  • Added the option to redirect on the template_redirect hook
  • Fixed an issue with the database upgrade process
  • Added Javascript redirection for pro users
  • Added Meta-Refresh redirection for pro users
  • Fixed issue where keywords were only being replaced on the first post of the post overview page for pro users
  • Fixed issue preventing the graph from appearing on the conversion reports page for pro users
  • Fixed issue with automatic tweeting when a post title contains a dollar sign for pro users