Pretty Link’s Got Your Back …

Pretty Link will help you get your social media links, affiliate links and all of your other redirects in order.
Here’s a list of its powerful features at a glance:

Feature Pretty Link Lite Pretty Link Pro
Redirection Types
Temporary (307) X X
Temporary (302) X X
Permanent (301) X X
Cloaked   X
Pretty Bar   X
Javascript   X
Meta Refresh   X
Tracking Pixel   X
Automatic Link Titling X X
Static Bookmarklet X X
Custom Slugs X X
Detailed Click Reporting X X
Export Click Database X X
Forward Parameters X X
Link Groups X X
Nofollow Links X X
Robot Filtering X X
Simple Click Counting X X
Alternate Base URL   X
Conversion Reports   X
Customizable Bookmarklet   X
Delayed Redirects X
Expire Links X
Generate QR Codes X
Google Analytics Plugin Integration X
Add Affiliate Link Disclosures on Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Individual Links   X
Auto Create Links for Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types   X
Geography Based Redirects   X
Import & Export Links   X
Index Keyword & URL Replacements   X
Replace Keywords in Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Comments   X
Replace URLs in Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Comments   X
Rotated URL Redirects with optional Split Testing   X
Technology Based Redirects   X
Time Based Redirects   X
Public Link Creation   X
Social Sharing Buttons   X
Social Sharing Plugin Integrations   (Coming Soon)

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