Add the Twitter Badge to your Pages & Posts

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This option requires you to be automatically creating Pretty Links for each of your Posts and/or Pages … so you’ll follow the instructions on that page and then follow these instructions:

  1. Go to “Pretty Link” -> “Pro Options”
  2. Click the link titled “Automatic Pretty Link Creation and Posting Options” to expand these options.
  3. Enter your Twitter Username (this will be the username that Re-Tweets will be sent from — and yes, you don’t need to enter your password for this feature to work — you will need your twitter password for Auto-Tweeting though).
  4. Check the box under “Create Pretty Links for Posts” or “Create Pretty Links for Pages” that is labeled “Show Twitter Badge on Pages/Posts.”
  5. Select your Twitter Badge Placement (where you want your badges to appear relative to your content) or select “None” if you’re planning on using Twitter Badge shortcodes or template tags.
  6. Hit the “Save”

Now, go and refresh a page on your site to see your new twitter badges in action!