Modifying the Tweet Message Format

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Currently, you can modify the format of your tweet going out. Here’s how it works:

  1. Modify the tweet format using the following variables
    1. {%title%} – this variable will be replaced with the Title of your pretty link (usually this will also be the title of your Post).
    2. {%url%} – this variable will be replaced with the Pretty Link for your post.
    3. {%hash%} – if you want to set a standard hash tag for your posts in your Pro Options, you can display it with this variable.
  2. Modify the tweet using any other text you wish. The entire tweet will be truncated to 120 characters (to allow room for retweeting) — the title will be truncated first so make sure you don’t put too much text into the tweet. You can insert any additional text into the message format as you wish.
  3. Hit “Post to Twitter” or if this is a new post, just click “Publish” — if you check your twitter stream, you should see that your tweet has been sent.