Setup Auto-Tweeting of your Pages & Posts

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This option requires you to be automatically creating Pretty Links for each of your Posts and/or Pages … so you’ll follow the instructions on that page and then follow these instructions:

  1. Go to “Pretty Link” -> “Pro Options”
  2. Click the link titled “Automatic Pretty Link Creation and Posting Options” to expand these options.
  3. Enter your Twitter Username & Password and hit the “Save” button (must be your valid Twitter credentials — don’t worry, your credentials are stored on your own Database — nowhere else! :)).
  4. Check the box under “Create Pretty Links for Posts” or  “Create Pretty Links for Pages” that is labeled “Automatically post to Twitter when a Post/Page is published.”
  5. Hit the “Save” Button again

Now, you’ll have the option of automatically tweeting each new Page and/or Post on your site. After this is enabled you can also go back to old pages and posts and just hit the “Send this Post to Twitter” and a tweet will be sent.